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Flvr | The Surfer

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Mickey Eskimo was born in Vienna, Austria, where he met and was mentored by an Indian Artist at the ripe age of four. His real inspiration came from his passion for windsurfing, which he discovered when he was 16. Pursuing his love of water sports and surf fashion, he began traveling the world, meeting famous water athletes such as Hawaii's Robby Naish and the "Chiemsee Brothers," and inspiring artists such as Keith Harring and Ronnie Coutrone. 

In 1982 he fell in love with the small island paradise of Maui, Hawaii, and today calls her home. He continued to travel to some of the world's most exotic, surf-worthy places, gaining him the nickname "The Marco Polo of Windsurfing" by German SURF Magazine. Testing the waters from India to Easter Island, from the Azores to Barbados, he found there was nothing like the warm, welcoming and often challenging oceans off Hawaii. He found inspiration floating off the coast of Ericeira, Portugal, in an old beat-up, distressed fishing buoy; it was as if he felt his philosophy and religion had found its crucifix, hence O.A.T. (Oceanic Arts of the Earth) was born, pushing him to create found object collages and assemblage. However, it wasn't until 1996, after he had retired from competition windsurfing, he created his first paper collage and began to focus on his art career.  

With lifelong accomplishments in windsurfing, stand-up paddling, surf-fashion, graphic design, visual arts, and a successful line of hats called ESKYFLAVOR, you could say Mickey Eskimo is truly a new age renaissance man.