XIX Palms (“Nineteen Palms”) is a women’s clothing label from the North Shore of Oahu. The company was founded by Ali, the designer, and her husband, Adam. Combining Ali's keen eye for design and Adam's business expertise,  the duo bring you bold, tropical, and strong transitional pieces.  The XIX babe is unapologetically feminine.  She is guaranteed to make an entrance and leave a lasting impression.  Whether she is at the beach, out for a night on the town, or festival bound, she is effortlessly chic.

     Ali draws inspo from dreamy getaways and people dear to her heart. Her artistic mother always made it a point to include at least one palm tree in each of her paintings.  It was her signature and one of the many things Ali admires about her work.  Along with palms, Ali knew she also wanted to include a tribute to one of her best friends. The 19th (XIX) marks the date that her friend had recovered from a traumatic injury and was able to participate in a walk to support the research of brain injuries.  The XIX signifies just that; courage, strength, and resilience. This coupled with the alluring beauty of the palms is the passion behind their company.
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