She Is I

Designed in Bali, Indonesian by Inka Williams. She started she is i in 2019. Inka was in bed one night overthinking and had this need to create timeless good quality,statement pieces that were missing in my wardrobe.
She wanted to bring to life these visions she had  in her head.
Since Inka was a kid her mother would always make her clothes, and would always say “you dont need to buy that I’ll make it for you” (she wouldn't always make it haha). But she always knew one day she would try her best to recreate those timeless pieces from her wardrobe! (And her office where she spent a lot of her childhood).

Inka still wears pieces she made and wore througout the 80’s  90’s and 2000’s. They are still unsurprisingly perfect condition.. Her Mother is the best at taking care and preserving clothes. Also furniture and family haha. She was inspired by that.  

We take our time to create these pieces and we care about the people who make them.
We also care about producing limited amounts of stock.

For fabric, we always keep our planet in mind and switch between different types of materials. From more ecological/ biodegradable, to recycled materials. Without jeopardizing the quality and longevity of our products. The collections are broken out by 3 sections, with our “sins” collection holding a special ode to my mother Edith, inspired by her designs and patterns from the 90s. The pieces are meant to be for special nights out, carrying a fun energy to them.

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