Our intention is to create pieces that always flatter the body. Our accessories are made to empower you, tell YOUR story, that are authentic.


The dresses are created to make you feel fabulous no matter how you feel about your body that day. Because even though you might feel you put on a few pounds or feel bloated or whatever may be, our intention is when you put these dresses on which are so simple yet so powerful, you will feel uplifted with no effort.

All you need is you- barefoot or maybe with a flip flop- and with your bare face. Ready to go to a wedding, to the beach, to a fabulous dinner at a tropical island, walking down the street to run errands, meet friends for a party, travel, dance or simply sit at home.

KHEWELLA is a New York based brand with roots in Brazil, Eastern Turkey, Greece and so many other magnificent parts of the world.


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