Cobalt & Tawny

Whether you have beach sand between your toes or city sidewalks under your feet, Cobalt & Tawny will add a touch of paradise to your day.

Cobalt & Tawny is the labor of love of best friends and creative collaborators Juliana, a Brazilian living in Maui and Jody, a true Canadian, living in Vancouver. Built on our unique backgrounds, distinctive styles and diverse experiences to create a truly international brand.

The island-inspired casually chic resort fashions that they have become known for, are produced ethically in India, where we are also lucky to partner with talented embroiderers and printers who bring to life exclusive hand painted prints.

The name refers to Juliana’s rich chocolate brown eyes and Jody’s set of big blues. The way those shades of blue and brown complement one another is what Cobalt & Tawny is all about. It’s about bringing together strengths to create something bigger than themselves and about chance meetings becoming lifelong friendships and creative partnerships.

Wherever your journey takes you, we hope you’ll bring us along.


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