Bar Active was created to transcend the boundaries of everyday function. While each design is carefully constructed to serve a purpose, the use of color, print, and sustainable fabric brings a new spirit to practical design. 

Her attraction to unapologetic colors and prints are inspired by her home, Hawai’i. The islands gifted Tiare with a vibrant upbringing; the marriage of land and sea, the diversity of cultures, and jungles of saturated hues. 

Today, her home is shared with another place, Sweden. The Scandinavian perspective has taught her to admire simple and practical design. Bar Active shares the Swedish value, Lagom. Lagom loosely translates to, “not too little, not too much, but just enough.” From sampling to production, the focus is always to produce as little waste as possible; to use only what is needed. Lagom is also expressed in the practicality of each design; clean lines and high quality fabrics that invite movement and celebrate the female form. 

Bar Active is introduced by the debut collection, Dreamboat. Dreamboat is inspired by the inherently fearless and vibrant spirit of all women. The collection dares you to address limits, to transcend boundaries, and to explore what it means to be alive.  


From sampling to production, BAR ACTIVE clothing is created with little to zero waste; any fabric left over is recycled. The collections are small. Small collections prevent overproduction. In the event a style sells out, the same thought process is applied to reorders. Bar Active always ask, you, the client, to waitlist or preorder an out-of-stock item. This allows us produce accordingly and responsibly.


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