Here at Bar Active we make a conscious effort to create garments in a responsible way. In efforts to minimize our environmental and social impact, we carefully chose how our clothing is made and what it is made from.
Here are some of the ways we try to be better:


From sampling to production, our clothing is created with little to zero waste; any fabric left over is recycled.

Our collections are small. Small collections prevent overproduction. In the event a style sells out, the same thought process is applied to reorders. We at Bar Active always ask, you, the client, to waitlist or preorder an out-of-stock item. This allows us produce accordingly and responsibly.


All of Bar Active’s activewear is constructed from fabrics that use recycled yarn. Certified recycled materials help reduce dependence on petroleum and keep plastic bottles out of landfills and trash out of the sea. Here are a few of the recycled yarns we use:


ECONYL® regenerated nylon is made from recycled fishing nets and other post-consumer materials.

By choosing ECONYL®, you help keep our natural environment safe and clean.


REPREVE™ turns recycled plastic bottles and nylon into amazing fibers used for active and swimwear.

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