Tropical Goddess Turns 3!

Three years have gone by in a flash. Looking back at our journey, the people that have supported us along the way, and the hard work and dedication that has been put into this ‘online’ and pop shop has been quite a blessing.

As we reflect on how we got to where we are, the angels along the way, the magic makers, the connections and collaborations, we are utterly thankful for this store, who we are today and all of the struggles along the way.

Reflecting through the trials and tribulations of Covid-19, flying back and forth from New York every three days, juggling teaching full-time, parenting, and the new world of online teaching…phew!  With that, we were about to open our store front at a popular Maui resort, keys in hand and store front ready for opening day—  just as news spread that Maui was going into a full lockdown and shutting down, like the rest of the world.  

We have continued to bounce back, adjust and reimagine how to continue to make our business work.  The @andaz has been a true blessing and helped us get our start. With customers like you, you have helped our dreams come true.

We want to thank each and every one of you who have shopped with us, shouted us out near and far, have been there through the hard moments, the exciting ones, and who have journeyed with us along this wild ride.  Cheers to three years!


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